Market Reference Data

Our market data services are designed to optimise the use of data products acquired from vendors such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit and others. Tempus consultants will support clients in assessing current market data usage, inefficiencies and opportunities for cost avoidance or reduction.

Calendar Reference Data

Tempus calendar data services are designed to ensure that calendar data is up-to-date, in-sync and meets the requirements of all business functions using the data across an organisation.


Data Governance Services


Tempus has developed an approach to deliver a best practice data governance model under which a clear data strategy is articulated and underpinned by regulations-compliant data management policies.


The policies are implemented across clients' business units through a clearly defined set of standards and guidelines, and are integrated with existing operational risk and control processes. Tempus will support initial compliance baselining across the organisation, and an ongoing independent validation capability can be provided, either as a managed service from Tempus or by standing up and training a new team.


Tempus can be engaged to provide or support each stage of the data policy implementation and compliance process.