Calendar Service Centre

After completion of the health check and data cleansing your calendar data will be in the best condition possible. To ensure the data remains in this state Tempus has the Calendars Service Centre – a managed service that delivers Swaps Monitor data directly to your organisation's consuming systems.


Improved data delivery

• Delivery of whole subscription or bespoke, system-specific delivery files
• System-specific formats & structure
• Ensures all updates are correctly applied


Reduced operational risk

• Improved data quality
• Full, centralised control of data sourcing, maintenance and distribution
• Data consistency and standardisation across the organisation


Reduced costs

• Reduced duplication of IT and support effort
• Improved STP rates for trading and settlement systems
• Reduced remediation effort


Increased agility

• Single point of contact for calendar issues and requirements
• Rapid response to queries and managed escalation to vendor
• Highly adaptive to changing business needs